Monday, December 1, 2008


I know there are not so many people (probably only few mostly I personally know) have tried CasualTranscriber. It's still very early in development, but I've basically rewritten the program from a window-based to a document-based application. Now it deals a rich text or plain text file just like a text editor or word processor. When you close a window, that means you close the document on it.

In addition to the original features (shortcut control of movie/sound clip and extraction of a selected part), you can add chapters, extract a frame image, add subtitles, use the application just as a player, etc. I can't list all the features, but they are all on the new CasualConc site under Utility Programs. Some of the features (esp. adding subtitles) are still experimental and the application itself is not as stable as I want it to be (so now it has an autosave function). This is partly because I'm still new to QTKit (QuickTime Took Kit) and not all QuickTime functions are not avaiable via QTKit. I'm using RubyCocoa, which is a bridge between Ruby, a scripting language, and Cocoa, Mac's application foramework, so there is another layer of issues there.

I want to make this program easy to use for teachers and researchers (to-be) who need to transcribe conversations, speech, movie clips, etc. for teaching/researching. And if you ever use this, I'd really appreciate your feedback.

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