Sunday, May 8, 2016

Current status of CasualConc

I haven't written here for quite a while, but I've been fixing bugs on CasualConc 2.0. Nothing fancy has been added since I posted an entry here on this blog. A few of the new or enhanced features are:

Visualization tools:
label coloring is easier; you can grab label colors from Label Coloring panel or even directly from the Label Coloring Database.

File Info:
tag filtering is available in File modes (simple/advanced); you can set multiple tags to count frequencies of words in different tagged parts; for the first time, you can set the tagged area using XPath (experimental)

This is an example of TF-IDF using XPath option. Speakers are tagged on the Friends scripts and simply frequency counts by each character's utterances are used to create this. If you know Friends, you might be able to see something meaningful.

I've been playing with XML to implement some basic XML features, but I'm not sure how to create a good interface. Any idea?

Finally, this is a kind of important note. If you have used R on CasualConc and recently upgraded R to 3.3, you need to turn off/on the Use R for Visualization on Preferences. It looks like you need to re-install non-default packages after you upgraded to 3.3. I got one report that even after re-installing packages, some packages were not installed properly (not the packages CasualConc tries to install, but the packages those 'packages' depend). In that case, you need to manually reinstall those packages on R or RStudio. I'll see if I can add a function to check them or at least display error message from R (I haven't figured this out yet...).