Wednesday, September 26, 2012

CasualConc bug fixes and more

Since I last posted here, I made a few changes and fixed bugs.

- some minor interface changes (sort, context word, etc)
- you can now save the Concord result table as PDF (Print or Command + P)
- more accurate keyword coloring in the context view when tags are suppressed

Word Count
- Phrase-frames list (i.e. in * of, etc.): Preferences->Others, Word Count, Advanced Mode

- the minimum window size is set to 800 x 550px
- some minor interface changes to accommodate the minimum window size

Bug fixes

- saving the results should work now
- keyword coloring in the context view in the Database mode

- should run in non-Japanese environment (it didn't)

I also started to update the documentation. The ones with (updated) on the How to Use page are partially updated.

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