Saturday, June 16, 2012

CasualConc beta minor update

Upon requests, I added a few minor features to CasualConc beta.

- If you enable lemmatization and apply lemmatization to Concord search words, you can sort the Concord results by lemmas of the key.
- When you export Concord results, you can insert characters before and after the key.

Concord Plot
- export plot data (File -> Save Table)
- import to the plots of the same corpus/files (File -> Open Saved Data)
- variable plot widths for each file
- fixed widths for the plot view
- refresh to reflect changes to the Concord results (by deletion)

Bug fix
- context tag handling in Concord

With the changes to Concord, you can now sort by lemma, and then by each word. This is not available to the keyword group function at the moment. I'll see if I can apply to it if I get requests.

If you use the lemmatization function with word family lists, you can sort by the word family first, and then by each word.

If you want to insert characters before and after the key when you export Concord results, go to Preferences -> Concord 

With the Concord Plot changes, you can now put three different search results on one plot. First, search any word(s)/phrase(s) on Concord with the plotting on, then save the data on the Plot view. If you do this with another search and save the data. Then with the same corpus/files, search new word(s)/phrase(s) and then on the Plot view, open the saved data one by one. You can set the color of plots in Preferences -> Others and check Insert markers and type any characters before and after KEY.

To make the plot widths relative to the file length, Preferences -> Others -> Concordance Plot, and select Relative (or Same Width for the same plot width for all the files).

If you want to make the plots width wider, set Width (print) to whatever number (pixels) you want and check Apply to On-screen.

I might move the settings to new tab later, but for now, the settings are under Others.

The new beta version is 1.9.5.

If you find any problem, please let me know.

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