Monday, April 23, 2012

Bug fix to CasualConc beta

With a few minor changes I made in the last couple of weeks, I introduced yet another bugs.

If you tried to search anything in Concord, you had a warning message, though you still should have been able to search words/phrases. Now I addressed this bug with the latest build (20120423).

The change I made was to allow wildcard character only search in Concord in Word(s) mode and non-word character search in Character/Regular Expression search modes.

Also I made one minor feature addition upon request. If you add (x is any string of your choice) to your corpus files and search Concord with Concord Plot, you will see red lines where the tag(s) is inserted. So if you have any section break in your file(s), you can mark them on plots. This is still an experimental feature and hopefully I can make it more a little more flexible as soon as I have time to work on it more.

In any case, if you have downloaded CasualConc in the last couple of weeks, please get the latest beta build.

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