Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CasualConc beta bug fix

I've been fixing some minor bugs and adding a few minor features in the past few weeks, but I found a bit more serious bug, so I fixed it.

This only applies to the Database mode searching with wild card characters. When you search in Concord (and probably in Cluster and Collocation) using wild card characters, depending on the combination of words and wild card characters, a search could have taken very long time. This was a bug and I thought I fixed it long time ago, but it looks like I only did it for the File mode. I applied the same fix to the Database mode, so this shouldn't be an issue any more.

Since I updated the blog last time, I made a few minor changes and various minor bug fixes. A couple of notable features are on the Corpus File Information. I think I posted either here or on the main site that I added a new frequency table feature to count groups of words for each corpus/database. Now you can select either you count all the words in a corpus/database or in each file in a corpus/database. I also added a function to save the Corpus File Information table results as a file (not export as a CSV file) and later import it back to CasualConc.

Anyway, if you use the Database mode frequently, you might want to update to this version (1.9.2, 20120328 or later).

If you find any other problem, please let me know.


Anonymous said...


I'm a regular user of CasualConc so thank you so much for your work.

I've found a bug in the latest version that I didn't seem to experience before : if I have "Ignore tags" checked in the Preferences, but not "apply tag settings to preview", I am unable to display most previews in Concord. Therefore I have to hide tags both in concordance lines and in previews.

That is in no way a show-stopper but is slightly annoying when trying to locate speakers, etc. in the preview.

Once again thanks a million for your efforts.

Yasu said...


Thank you for using CasualConc. I was aware of this problem, which was introduced when I changed the tag handling process. I wasn't sure how to tackle this when I found this, so I left it as is because I wasn't sure how many people actually use this function.

Anyway, I implemented a kind of workaround, so could you try the latest build (1.9.2, 20120401) and let me know how it works? And if you still have a problem, could you contact me via email? The address in on the main site under "Contact!!".

Again, thank you for using CasualConc. I hope CasualConc serves you well.