Sunday, March 11, 2012

CasualConc beta update

It has been a known issue that CasualConc crashes when viewing results on tables. It is actually not a bug of CasualConc itself, but a bug of RubyCocoa which CasualConc depends on. To address this issue, I decided turn off garbage collection on Ruby side when not processing texts, which means when you are viewing results. This might increase memory usage, but will provide much better experience (or at least I hope so).

Also, I fixed a few minor bugs related to the lemmatization, spelling variation, and stop word processing.

Please try this new beta version 1.9.1 and let me know if you encounter any problem. It is available on the CasualConc site. If this is much more problematic than the table view bug, I revert it back to the previous build.

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