Sunday, December 4, 2011

CasualConc beta bug fix

I got a bug report, so I fixed it.

The problem was in File Info. When exporting a Word Freq Info result, low frequency counts of individual files were sometime omitted. This was because the cells with no numbers were not skipped. So when it reached the number of types in a file, CasualConc stopped handling the data for that file for exporting. Internally, the frequency counts were stored (you could see them on the window), so I made it sure that CasualConc handle all the data properly.

If you find any problem, please let me know.


manosdemonja said...

Just received the 1.8.8 update. It's wonderful. Many thanks.

Yasu said...

Thank you for using CasualConc. Please let me know if you have any issue or request.