Monday, July 25, 2011

CasualConc on Lion

I haven't been able to check the compatibility personally, but I got a couple of reports that CasualConc 1.0.x does not run on Lion.

UPDATE: As you can see above (at least for now), I figured out how to include sqlite3-ruby, so you don't have to follow this process unless the beta for Lion doesn't run.

To use CasualConc beta on Lion, you need to install 'sqlite3-ruby' and run a beta build 2011/07/21 or later.
1. open Mac App and download/install Xcode (free) [you need Mac App Store account]
2. open
3. type sudo gem install sqlite3-ruby --version "= 1.2.5" and hit the enter key (and enter the password of your account on Mac)

I will check this as soon as I can access Lion (hopefully within a couple of weeks), but I heard the beta ran after installing sqlite3-ruby.

I will also check other apps and see if I can make them run on Lion (if they don't).

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