Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CasualConc beta another minor update

I found a bug in the process to add files to an existing database file, so I fixed it and made some minor changes to corpus file handling in advanced mode.

File (in Advanced Corpus Handling mode)
- you can now add files to an existing database file (this feature was broken)
- you can delete multiple files from a corpus/database file
- you can find duplicate files in a corpus/database file -> identify files with the same path
- you have an option to move a database file to Trash when you delete one from the table

The bug I found was in the process of adding files to an existing database file.  This worked long time ago and I somehow broke it when I made changes in the process.  But since I haven't got any bug report, I guess no one really uses this function.

And when I fixed this, I also made some changes in corpus handling in the advanced corpus handling mode.  Now you can select multiple files on the corpus/database content table (lower left).  This means you can delete multiple files at one go.  Related to this, I added a feature to identify duplicate files in the selected corpus/database file.  If CasualConc find duplicate files, the ones added first (older ones) are selected.  Once files are selected, you can delete them at once.

Also you can now move a database file to Trash when you remove it from the database list table.

Finally, I added alert messages related to the corpus handling.  When a corpus/database file was not selected or files are not added to a table to process, CasualConc simply ignored button clicking.  Now, it gives you a message explaining why CasualConc doesn't process your request in the file view (in most of the cases).

As always, if you find any bug, please let me know.

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