Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CasualConc beta another minor update

I found a bug in the process to add files to an existing database file, so I fixed it and made some minor changes to corpus file handling in advanced mode.

File (in Advanced Corpus Handling mode)
- you can now add files to an existing database file (this feature was broken)
- you can delete multiple files from a corpus/database file
- you can find duplicate files in a corpus/database file -> identify files with the same path
- you have an option to move a database file to Trash when you delete one from the table

The bug I found was in the process of adding files to an existing database file.  This worked long time ago and I somehow broke it when I made changes in the process.  But since I haven't got any bug report, I guess no one really uses this function.

And when I fixed this, I also made some changes in corpus handling in the advanced corpus handling mode.  Now you can select multiple files on the corpus/database content table (lower left).  This means you can delete multiple files at one go.  Related to this, I added a feature to identify duplicate files in the selected corpus/database file.  If CasualConc find duplicate files, the ones added first (older ones) are selected.  Once files are selected, you can delete them at once.

Also you can now move a database file to Trash when you remove it from the database list table.

Finally, I added alert messages related to the corpus handling.  When a corpus/database file was not selected or files are not added to a table to process, CasualConc simply ignored button clicking.  Now, it gives you a message explaining why CasualConc doesn't process your request in the file view (in most of the cases).

As always, if you find any bug, please let me know.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

CasualConc beta minor update

I haven't updated this blog for a long time.  Since I last posted here, I made a few changes to CasualConc beta.

- Exporting Concord result as RTF

You can now export Concord results as a RTF document.  With this format, you can choose to keep coloring of sort words as well as font style of context words.

- Searching Cluster/Collocation from other tools

Though it was not documented on the site, you could run Concord search from the Cluster, Collocation, and Word Count tables.  Now you can search Cluster and Collocation from the Word Count table.

If you are using CasualConc beta or want to try the beta, please go to the CasualConc site and download the latest beta.

I'd appreciate any feedback on the beta.