Saturday, April 10, 2010

The current status of CasualConc beta - experimental features 2

This post will be the last of this series of posts 'The current status of CasualConc beta'.  The last feature is also a experimental one.  It's a gap n-gram list creation (for a lack of better word). 

What this does is simple, you can create a n-gram list with one of the words in n-gram (3-5) as a gap or wildcard or whatever you call it.  In the experimental beta version, when you select 3-gram, 4-gram, or 5-gram in Word Count, a check box appears.

Check this box and click Count.

Because this process can take a long time and needs a lot of memory if your corpus size is big, a warning message appears.  When I tried this with a corpus size of 500,000, this process took almost 10 minutes.

If you are brave enough, this is what you get.  The corpus I used is Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States corpus, prepared by Prof. Tabata at Osaka University for a workshop I attended.  As you can see, the gap is represented by * and the words that appear in that slot is in the Gap words column with frequency information.

You can select one of the line and see the entire list of gap words on a table.

Select a line and right click the table.

A panel with a table appears with the list.

You can copy the list and paste it on other applications.  In this case all the gap words appeared on the Word Count table, but this is basically designed to see all the words when they are not displayed.

You can see all of them on the table.

OK, that's it.  I think I covered almost all the new and enhanced features for the next version (current beta) of CasualConc.  The current beta has all these new features except for the last two experimental features.  You can download the beta version from Download CasualConc Beta page (Japanese page).

If you are interested in the experimental beta build, please contact me directly at casualconc (at) 

Since this is a beta version, CasualConc can be unstable and might have bugs related to the changes I have made.  If you ever try this beta version, I'd appreciate your feedback/bug reports.

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