Friday, April 9, 2010

The current status of CasualConc beta - General/Global part 2

Lemma and Keyword grouping.  The changes are mostly with how to deal with lemma/keyword group lists.  In the current working version, you can just select a lemma or keyword group file.  In the next version, you can manage them on CasualConc.

To use lemma/keyword group function, go to Preferences -> Lemma (this process is the same).

The difference is you select a group you manage on lemma/keyword group panel.  If you check Apply Lemmatization to Search Word, searching a word returns all the words with the same stem.

To manage lemma list, go to Main Menu -> Window -> Lemma List Panel.  There are separate panel for Lemma and Keyword Group.

A panel appears.

On the left table, you manage groups just like stop word/skip character list.  You can enter a lemma set or remove/modify them.  You can also import an existing lemma file such as e-lemma file.  The lemma/keyword group lists can be exported in the same format.  You can create multiple lists and apply any of them to your analysis.

In file handling, you can specify any file extensions by checking Allow Other File Types on Preferences -> Files.  Or you can allow any file types (even the files with no extension) by checking Any File Types.  If there is any readable text on files, CasualConc tries to read it.

Ignore tag/section has a little improvement.  You can select either xml/html type tags or under score type tags (<*> or ~_*). 

You can also specify any string to ignore in the analysis.  To enable this, check Ignore Specified Strings.  You can specify whatever strings you want in regular expression.  The blank column with a check box determines whether the entry is used or not, C is case sensitivity (check to make the regular expression case sensitive) and M is to apply regular expression across line feed characters (\r\n,\n,\r).  You can edit regular expressions in the text box or on the table.

Now, I will focus on tools from the next post.

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