Wednesday, September 23, 2009

CasualConc updated, but still not 1.0

I fixed a couple of bugs and added a few features.  Yes, I wrote I wouldn't spend time on East Asian language support, but I somehow figured out how to handle coloring in Concord with 2-byte character modes (Japanese (plain) and Japanese (wakachi)).  Well, it's in the middle of 5-day weekend in Japan...

Bug fixes
- crashes in Word Count when n-gram list is created in File Mode.
- File Information treated word lengths in bytes not in characters

Feature Improvements
- added two new Word Count sort options: Word Length and Reverse Word Length
- added Character as a search word choice
- full regular expression search
- a progress bar is added at the bottom of the main window, though it doesn't indicate the progress (it shows CasualConc is processing your request)
- much better East Asian Language support (Japanese (plain) and Japanese (wakachi))

Along with better East Asian Language support, I made a few other changes.  Two new Word Count sort options goes with File Information.  Now you can get information about the number of words with certain characters/letters.  So this new feature is to check which ones are the longest/shortest words.

An addition of a new search word mode is to search for the characters used for wildcard search.  Now you can search * ? ! and other non-word characters.

The change in regular expression search is that before this change, all the regular expressions are word level.  In other words, the actual regular expression processed inside CasualConc was inside the \b~\b (word boundaries).  Now this limitation is lift.  So if you want the same results as before, simply put \b in front and after the regular expression.

The progress bar added to the main window only shows CasualConc is processing.  It doesn't show how much processing has done.

East Asian Language support is much better now.  Context word coloring is added and now you can use the database mode.  But because of the nature of texts (no spaces between words), some of the functions behave differently.  More detailed information about East Asian Language support is documented on the site (only on the English site at this moment).

Now I will finally focus on bug fixes and minor changes.  I won't make any more major changes before 1.0, or so I think...

The documentations on CasualConc and CasualTagger are updated.  They should reflect the latest versions.

I'd appreciate if you could report any bugs as soon as you find them.

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