Sunday, September 20, 2009

CasualConc update

Just because I wanted to get file information, I added it to CasualConc. 

New feature
- File Information

It is very basic and only returns type, token, type-token ratio and number of n-letter words.

- Fisher's Exact Test calculation speed

I also rewrote the algorithm for Fisher's Exact test and it is much much faster, though I'm sure no one has used this since I added it last time.  But I haven't fully tested this, so I'd appreciate if anyone can test its accuracy.

Now the version is  Well, it's almost 1.  If I can't find any other bugs when I use it in the next couple of weeks or I don't get any bug report, I'll simply make it 1.0.  I'm sure it still has bugs even if I make it 1.0, but that's the nature of computer programs. 

So, my decision for now is that I don't spend any more time on East Asian Language support because I haven't heard from anyone who uses CasualConc with East Asian languages.  I personally don't use CasualConc even with Japanese, so I don't see any necessity.  I'll work on this later if I have time, but I'll focus more on other programs once this hits 1.0.  So if you use this with East Asian languages and would like to have better support for East Asian languages, please let me know. 

If I think of other nice features, I'll probably add it to other programs and see if it works with CasualConc before I added them to it.  In fact, I added File Info to CasualTagger and it wasn't too complicated, so I decided to add it to CasualConc (well, I wanted this feature, but haven't tried to write scripts).

Anyway, if you use CasualConc or other programs, please, please let me know what you think. 

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