Saturday, September 5, 2009

CasualConc bug fix

I found a bug in Word Count when I was cleaning up the codes for it. 

Bug fix
- crashed when creating n-gram list in the Database mode.

This bug was introduced when I added a warning message for missing files in the last update.

As for the clean-up, the problem was in Cluster and Word Count, separate codes were written for each table (right and left).  This was because of my lack of scripting skill (I still don't have much).  I couldn't think of a good way to identify which button was clicked and process them accordingly.  If you know how Cocoa works, this should be obvious, but when I started this project, I had no experience in Cocoa.

The new version is  It's almost 1.0, so I'll try to wrap up to make it 1.0 soon.  This means no more major feature before 1.0 and I'll focus on bug fixes.  But unless I hear a lot from users whether it is mostly bug free or still has many bugs, I'm not confident enough to make it out of beta, though beta simply means (to me) it's not tested enough.  Computer programs will never be bug-free.

Anyway, if you find any bug, esp. in Word Count and Cluster, please let me know.

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