Thursday, September 17, 2009

CasualConc and CasualTagger updates

Tonight, I uploaded newer versions of CasualConc and CasualTagger.

CasualConc's update is minor.

New features:
- Fisher's Exact Test in Collocation Stats Calculators (experimental)
- Calculator for 2x2 contingency table

The first one is added upon request by someone who kindly checked accuracies of stats calculation.  Thank you, Sebastian!  It looks like most of the stats are reasonably accurate.  Anyway, because the calculation of the Fisher's p-value is CPU intensive (esp. with large N), I made it as an option.  To include Fisher's p-value, go to Preferences -> Other and check 'Include Fisher's Exact Test'.  I haven't got report of the accuracy of this, so I'm not sure how well it works.  If anyone can test it, I'd appreciate it.  The contingency table calculator is based on the same formulas with other stats calculation.  It returns Log-Likelihood, chi-square and Fisher's Exact Test (optional).   I hope this is useful for someone.

The update to CasualTagger is also feature enhancements.

Enhanced features:
- word count now works with untagged text ('None' is added to options)
- kwic search for specified word(s)/phrase(s) is available (it was only possible from a word list)
- simple sort in kwic
- word count and kwic with multiple files (optional)
- editor now accepts text files encoded other than UTF-8 (set in Preferences)
- ignore specified tags or file information (by specifying an end marker/tag) in word count and kwic

Because I made so many changes, there might be many bugs.  Now I'm trying to tag my own corpus, so I've been making changes to suit to my needs.  I'll make more changes as I need them, but if you ever try CasualTagger and have nice ideas, please let me know.  I'll try to include them if they are not too complicated or they look useful for my work.  Also I'll try to update the documentation.

Also I checked CasualMecab on Snow Leopard, but it doesn't work.  I installed MeCab and MeCab-Ruby on Snow Leopard and it works fine from Ruby scripts (I tested the exact same script).  But somehow MeCab-Ruby doesn't work in an application.  I'll try to fix it if I can find any solution.

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