Thursday, March 26, 2009

A new project

As I didn't get much feedback and I was kind of busy, I didn't touch any of the programs (scripting) for a while. But I recently did small translation work and thought a parallel concordancer might help in that situation. So I spent the last few days to start a new project. It is a simple parallel concordancer for Mac OS X Leopard and I named it CasualPConc.

Currently it doesn't do much (possibly many bugs) and because I don't really use parallel corpora, I don't have a good idea about how to develop it. So I'd really appreciate any feedback. I used to work as a translator for a short period of time, so if I just follow my intuition, it will be more like a database program for a translator or language learner. The program is available on the CasualConc main site (direct link).

I don't expect many people use it, so if you give me feedback, it is likely that the functions you request will be added (as long as I can handle them). Please email me directly, or leave comment here, or post on the Discussion Board.

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