Monday, March 30, 2009

CasualPConc more updates

Today, I learned at least one person in the world knows CasualPConc exists other than myself. I'm really glad that.

I added a few more features to CasualPConc today. Now almost all the functions I can think of and I wanted to add are there. I might add a function to export results if anyone is interested. Or if anyone has a good idea, I might consider that. But from now on, I'll focus on bug fixing and documentation. I'll update the CasualPConc page on the CasualConc main site in the coming weeks.

I got one request to make CasualPConc be able to handle more than two parallel corpora. But I think it's hard to add that function to CasualPConc. It would probably be easier to write a new program based on CasualPConc. I might work on this once I finalize CasualPConc and if I have time to focus on its development.

Anyway, if you happen to be reading this blog and are interested, please try it ang give me some feedback. Using basic functions should not be difficult. Or you can wait for a few days or weeks until I update the documentation (how to use).

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