Thursday, November 6, 2008

New experiment

I added a new experimental feature to CasualConc. It is an XML information tag handling, which is very limited. What I mean is if you have XML files or XML-formatted plain text files that have information as tag attributes or elements, you can filter the files with the information.

The current implementation can handle two types:

<header attr1="~" attr2="~"></header>



So if your files have:

<info date="11052008" title="Presidential Election">


<title>Presidential Election</title>

CasualConc can preselect the files based on your query. Check this page for more information.

Because of the other changes I made to SQLite database handling, CasualConc is incompatible with the corpora/databases you created in the Advanced File Handling Mode (it shuts down when it tries to read CasualConcData.ccdb file in the ~/Library/Application Support/CasualConc. If you have used a prior version, you need to delete/move/rename it. So this beta of beta is not linked to any pages on the site. If you are interested in testing this highly experimental beta-beta version, please go to this download page directly. (I implemented a function to automatically update the CasualConcData.ccdb file. Now this version is downloadable from the regular download page.) I would really appreciate if you could give me feedback especially on this new function. If you have any suggestion, please make it detailed. I personally haven't used XML files, so I'm not sure if this is useful. More detailed is your suggestion, more likely it will be added to CasualConc (no guarantee, though).

Apart from this beta-beta, I fixed one bug on collocation coloring in CasualConc regular beta version (sounds wierd...).

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