Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bug fixes

As you might have noticed, the current CasualConc site is hosted on Google Page Creator. But Google decided to stop this service and focus on Google Sites. So I've been transferring site contents to a new site on Google Sites. In the process, I've been updating the content and adding a little more information to some pages. So far, I've created the English site, but haven't started the Japanese site. I'm not sure how many people prefer to have Japanese page, but I will eventually create a Japanese site (I personally prefer to reading in Japanese).

While I've been updating the content, I used basic functions of all the current programs and found many bugs. Most of them were minor and some of them are major, but not the main features. I fixed so many things in the last couple of weeks (as well as adding new functions), so I can't track all the fixes/changes, but here's a list of few of them.

- Context words function in Concord was broken, but not it should be working.
- Keyword grouping function was fixed
- Keyword grouping only worked when the search was for a group of words. Now keyword groups can be used in a phrase search
- Lemma in search word should work with wild card/phrase search now
- You can import a word list not created by CasualConc now. It accepts CSV or Tab-delimited file with words in one column and frequency in the other. This allows you to import a word list created by other program/script.

- In PDF/Web/Document, most of changes should be undoable. I changed the function to draw text in text area.
- Batch process was not working, but it should now.

I also made minor changes to CaualTagger and CasualMecab, but I forgot what I did. Most of them are bug fixes.

If you downloaded any of the program and find bugs, they might have been fixed now. If not, please report them to me. You can add your comment to the post on this blog or email me or post on Discussion Board (Google Groups). If you have any good ideas/suggestions for any of the programs, I'd appreciate your feedback.

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