Saturday, October 18, 2008

Utility Programs updates

I've been experimenting some Cocoa UIs and bindings, and adding features I learned to utility programs. I made minor changes to CasualTextractor and CasualMecab. I also made a little more changes and added some new functions to CasualTagger. Now I need to manually tag a lot of texts, so I'm trying to make it a tool to help manual tagging. I copied regular expression replace from CasualConc (hidden feature) and added simple tag coloring. Now it also has a simple word/tag count and kwic concordance of a single file.

I'm also working on CasualConc. As I wrote in the last post, I will probably clean up some old codes. Tag handling might take some time to implement because I have to think about how to handle tags in CasualConc. Any idea? What I'll probably do first is change/fix file handling elements. In utility programs, you can now change the character encoding of plain text files after you add them to the table. This will allow you to use text files with different encodings.

Another minor change is coloring in Collocation. Now the most frequent position for each context word will be colored in red. This looks working fine, so you will see this feature in the next update.

In addition to RubyCocoa programs, I wrote a simple javascript-based parallel concordancer, which I was asked to write. I based it on my old javascript-based concordancer, so not much scripting was involved. I did this because I'm thinking about writing a parallel concordancer for Mac, as I wrote on this blog before, so I wanted to know what are the most fundamental features for a parallel concordancer. I googled and based on some parallel concordancers out there, I wrote it. It only creates a table with matched texts based on the search. It also creates kwic results and you can select one to show the matching text. But what else is necessary for a parallel concordancer for Mac? If you have any suggestion, please leave your comment here or send me email or post on CasualConc Google Discussion Board. If you could give me enough information for me to figure out how to implement your requests, you will have a better chance to see them, though it also depends on my scripting skills.

Anyway, please check out the utility programs and let me hear what you think.

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