Wednesday, October 22, 2008

CasualConc Update

I've been working on CasualConc and uploaded 0.9.9 to the site. Well, I'm not sure when to put 1.0, so I might go with

The most of the changes I implemented are internal and many bug fixes. I didn't really touch the core tools, so most of the work was done on file handling.

Here are some of the changes you might (or not) notice:

Plain Text File encoding
You can now set a default text encoding on the File view (no need to open Preferences). You can specify a default encoding before you open files, which applies to all the files you add to the file list table. But now you can change them on the table. This means you can select different text encoding for each file. I also added ISO Latin 1 and ISO Latin 2 to the encoding list.

Open/Save panel
This change probably would not make difference to most of the people. I just wanted to change it to Genie panel(?) because I learned how to.

Most frequent position for each context word is now colored in red.

Bug fixes
- Exporting/Saving results should work fine now, though I'm not sure how many people have ever tried to use this function. I also made changes to accommodate the changes in Collocation.
- Fixed crashes when you hit space (or may be with some other keys) on the blank table. You might have never done such a stupid thing, but I found this when I accidentally hit the space bar in Advanced Corpus File Handling mode.

Also I put a note on the site, but your preferences settings will be lost if you have used the previous versions. If you want to use it change the name of the preference file "" in your home -> Library -> Prefereces folder to "CasualConcApp.plist". Except for tag ignore settings, your preferences settings should be safe.

Along with this change, I also added ISO Latin 1 and ISO Latin 2 to the list of encodings (open/save) in CasualTextractor.

If you find any of these attractive or bothered by bugs, please try the latest version and let me know what you think about it. But reports are also welcome.

By the way, I haven't updated all the documentation yet. Some of them are quite old. I guess I have to find time and update them (or rearrange them). I read somewhere that Google is moving the content of Google Page Creatot to Google Sites. That might be a good time to update documentation.

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