Friday, May 30, 2008

A minor change

I found a bug (sort of) in Concord a couple of days ago. It's a minor bug and this happens only when you use the database mode in Concord. Well, it's more of memory leak. I implemented a forced garbage collection when full text is displayed in the context view of Concord, but somehow memory is not released. So I changed the way to read the text from a database file. Now it should not keep using additional memory when you select a different concordance line to show full text.

I use the same technique to read data from a database file when CasualConc searches a string, but if I implemented the same change to the search function, it used more memory because the search returns more hits. What this means is if you search word(s)/phrase(s) in any of the tools many times, CasualConc keeps using memory. I haven't tested if it uses up all the available memory and starts using virtual memory or if Ruby starts GC when it uses up all the available physical memory. In any case, until I can find a way to solve this problem, you might want to quit CasualConc after a while and restart it.

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Anonymous said...

HELP with bug!


I started using your CasualConc, it's very good, exactly what I need. I adjusted a few things in the preferences and suddenly the programme shut down without an error message.

Now I can no longer open it or even reinstall it. I go through the whole process but it simply won't open (the icon jumps - and then disappears). What do I have to do to be able to install the programme again? Many thanks for your help,