Sunday, May 18, 2008

Another bug fix and minor update

I highly doubt if anyone downloaded CasualConc recently, but anyway, I found a few bugs and also make some changes, which I wanted to for a while. Now the latest version is 0.9.7 beta.

First, I found a bug in Japanese Concordance, which I'm sure nobody has ever used. When I dropped the text only mode, I forgot to change it in Japanese concordance mode. Now it should be fixed. I also fixed some other bugs what relate to the recent feature changes.

The changes I made are mainly with Collocation. Now, if you search for multiple words or use wildcard search and multiple words are found, collocation information will be displayed for each keyword. This change affected statistics calculation, so I think I made necessary changes to it.

I also made a minor change to Export result function of Concord. Originally, an exported CSV file from Concord only include kwic results and file paths. Now it has an option to include context words (L5 - R5). To include them, go to Preferences -> Concord and check the box Include context words (L5 - R5) in CSV output.

As always, if you happened to find this blog or the main page, and tried CasualConc, any feedback (including bug reports) is welcome. Especially if you find it useful, I'd like to know.

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