Friday, April 11, 2008


I finally found a way to successfully install MeCab (Japanese parser) and MeCab-Ruby, Ruby binding for MeCab on Leopard. I added this page to the CasualConc web site. It's only in Japanese at this moment because I'm not sure how many people actually check the site and how many of very limited visitors are interested in installing MeCab-Ruby on their Leopard machine. If anyone is interested, I can translate the page into English, but probably there are many better sites somewhere.

But now that I installed it, I might add Japanese concordancing features to CasualConc, if I ever have time. At least, I can try it now. Also if anyone can understand how to install MeCab-Ruby on their computer, I might add parcing feature (Japanese) to CasualConc, assuming people are willing to install it on their own. But I'll probably first work on GUI interface of MeCab-Ruby to create wakachi-gaki files or syntactically parsed files. But when do I have time???

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