Saturday, April 12, 2008


is the name I gave to a utility program that is based on MeCab. What this program does is POS/morphological analysis of Japanese text. What the program does at this moment is simply produce MeCab output. Choices are MeCab output, Chasen-like output, wakachi-gaki (words with spaces in between), and yomi (in katakana). The output can be saved as a text file. I want to add other output formats, but probably not in the near future. This program can also handle batch process although I haven't tested it extensively. The output file is encoded in UTF-8, mainly because that's what CasualConc can handle. I want to add Japanese concordancing feature to CasualConc in the future. If anyone ever finds this blog and is interested, please go to CasualConc site and download it. By the way, this program requires MeCab and MeCab-Ruby. The instruction to install these are also at CaualConc site. The installation is not simple (you need to use Terminal and command line to install), but the instruction is step-by-step. I hope anyone can understand it. As always, this is a Leopard only program and free.

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