Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Over the last couple of weeks, I've worked on the documentation of CasualConc. Now, it covers most of the basic functions. I also started more step-by-step instruction with a lot of images and named it Getting Started with CasualConc. So far, I have only finished basic file management and database creation along with the kwic concordance function, which I think will be the most frequently used function (I do).

Now, my only hope is someone will find the site or this blog and start using it. Somehow, I can't search the CasualConc main site on Google. It doesn't show up in the result. When I add a post to this blog, it shows up in the next 20 hours or so and disappears. Well, maybe I should add one post per day until some more people find this blog and CasualConc.

If you happen to find this blog, please try it (if you use Leopard) or tell your friends who uses Leopard to try it. I know it still has bugs and a lot of limitations, but I really want other people's opinions to improve it (it serves most of my current uses, so I don't have much motivation to make a lot of changes). Well, even if I hear from people, I might not be able work on it for a while, but at least it's good to hear esp. if people like it.

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