Sunday, April 20, 2008

CasualConc open to public

Well, I finally decided to make CasualConc public. This just means I added a link to the download page, which was already active, to the home page. I highly doubt anyone is visiting the CasualConc site, so this doesn't make much difference, but I'm hoping somehow someone might find the page and try it. When I googled, it didn't come up, so the only way to find the page is from a bbs (or usergroup?) post I wrote while ago (which I mistakingly posted multiple times because I thought I was able to edit my post, but it turned out I posted multiple times...) or from a link on my personal schedule page at my work. Or possibly, from this blog, if this can be googlable.

Anyway, because I don't get any feedback on existing features, I decided to work on something not currently implemented: Japanese (or Asian Languages) support. This is going to be highly experimental and I don't have much time now, so I can't tell when I will release it. So far, I can display kwic results of Japanese text in plain format (no space) and wakachi-gaki format (space-separated). The former can be sorted by L5-R5 context characters and the latter can be sorted by L5-R5 context words (or whatever the separated units are). In the future (only for Japanese), I want to include MeCab (which you need to install following the instruction on the CasualConc page) to process plain texts, but this won't happen near future.

If you ever find this blog and use Mac OS X Leopard and are interested in corpus analysis, check CasualConc and let me know what you think. The link to the CasualConc site is on the right or click this link.

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