Sunday, March 9, 2008

PDF to Text converter

In the last post, I wrote I found a way to extract embedded text from PDF files. I wanted to do something with it before I forget, so I wrote a simple utility program in Ruby+RubyCocoa and posted it to CasualConc site. The system requirement is Mac with Leopard. I named it simply PDFtoTextConverter. What it does is open a PDF and show it's embedded text in the text box on the same window. The extracted text can be saved as .txt file. It also has a batch process mode. You can add PDF files to the list and select a folder to save the text as .txt or save .txt file to the same folder where the origial PDF files are stored. If you are interested, please try it. You can go to CasualConc site by following the link on the right.

EDIT: This program is discontinued and integrated into CasualTextractor which is available on the CasualConc Main site under Utility Programs.

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Anonymous said...

simply awesome. genius! thank you for the program, and your time!